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The African Bioacoustics Community has begun a series of bioacoustics workshops.

Visit this page to see when the event is happening

Past Workshops

Sound Production in Birds and Mammals - 11 July 2023

In this workshop, we covered topics on the specific morphological characteristics of the sound production systems in mammals and birds. This specific workshop included a practical approach with dissections of the vocal production organs of various species.

Dr Tess Gridley (Stellenbosch University, South Africa) -
A basic introduction to bioacoustics. 
Professor David Reby (University of St Étienne, France) - Vocal production mechanisms in mammals: with focus on the source of sound and the filtering process of sound within the vocal production organs.
Professor Livio Favaro (University of Turin, Italy) - Vocal production mechanisms and vocal behaviour in birds.


In the practical component, Professor Livio Favaro dissected two different bird species, showing the audience the structure of the syrinx. Professor David Reby then performed a direction of the vocal tract of a Cape fur seal, explaining the specific morphology of the organs. 

Sound Perception in Animals - 17 May 2023

In this workshop, our speakers covered a diverse range of topics centred around how sound is perceived by different species of animals both on land and in the water.

Professor Ole Larson (Southern Denmark University, Denmark) - Bird hearing and sound localisation and discusses whether the environment constrains avian sound localisation.
Professor Jakob Christensen-Dalsgaard (Southern Denmark University, Denmark) - Hearing in air and water, the natural and anthropogenic noise effects on hearing, and non-invasive measurements of vertebrate hearing.
Professor Catherine Carr (University of Maryland, United States) - Directional hearing in owls and geckos. 
Dr Lisa Nupin (Veterinary Wildlife Services, SANParks) - Acoustic epidemiology of African buffalo and localisation of hippos. 


These talks were filmed and are available for free on YouTube.

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